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Taxi Rules in Salvador


– The taximeter fare consists of taxi meter flag; KM traveled, and time stopped. The ​​current prices practiced in Salvador are:

Taxi meter flag 1: BRL 2.82

Taxi meter flag 2: BRL 3.94

Taxi meter flag 3: BRL 5.64

Downtime: BRL 28.20

– The Taxi meter flag 1 is applied from Monday to Friday, from 06:00h to 21:00h.

– Taxi meter flag 2 is applied in the following situations:

 – From Monday to Friday, from 21:00h to 06:00h of the following day.

– 24 hours a day on Saturdays, Sundays and national, state and municipal holidays.

– On journeys that have the Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport as origin or destination.

– When the taxi is used by more than 03 (three) passengers at a time, excluding children under 07 (seven) years old.

– During the month of December, at any destination or time.


– The transportation of users’ luggage is already included in the price.

– It is not allowed to transport passengers above the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate – CRLV maximum capacity indication.

– Service may be refused in the following situations:

– When passenger carries animals that are not properly secured, except for guide dog and support animals.

– When carrying luggage capable of damaging the vehicle or exceeding the dimensions of the trunk.


– The driver must keep, inside the vehicle and in a visible place, the driver identification card.

– Must provide the passenger, when requested, with all information relating to the services.

– Must drive the vehicle maintaining a speed compatible with the road regulation.

– Must not use a sound device, except with the user’s consent and in moderation.

– Must not conduct any type of vehicle maintenance service, not even refueling, during a ride with a passenger. – Must not allow any person, stranger to the passenger, to enter the vehicle without the passenger’s consent.

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